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NumberFusion – A Number Based Brain Game for Android and Apple iOs

Sometimes simple rules are all you need to create an interesting gaming challenge. That’s also the case with the new brain game NumberFusion which tries to score with the following simple idea: Place tiles freely onto a game grid, and tiles of the same value – if bordering each other – will fuse into a new tile with an incremented value. Merging two tiles with the number “4” results in a single tile with the number “5”. Sounds simple, is simple, but…

That’s not everything!

Apart from number tiles, there are also functional tiles which you can use to manipulate existing tiles on the game grid. For example, the so-called magnet tile pulls over another tile onto its field, while the tile remover… removes another tile! Still not enough? How about plus and minus tiles that allow to modify the values of another tile? You will see, functional tiles add interesting options and scenarios!

Furthermore, there are three rechargeable jokers:

  • The random joker fills the tile preview with random values.
  • The clone joker allows the player to clone any existing tile on the tile grid to the first slot of the upcoming tiles.
  • The undo joker helps in case you have made a mistake and would like to go back a step!

All these game elements make NumberFusion a brain game both entertaining and stress free. Well-considered actions get rewarded just as much as concentrated game play. There’s no such thing as THE strategy that will lead to success in this app. Vary your tactics depending on the play situation and your personal targets. And remember, if you don’t plan your next moves carefully, you’ll quickly end up in a dead end or loose the chance of gaining a lot of score points.

The character of the game fits its looks. In its unfussy clear design, there’s no place for an overload of graphic effects such as pixel explosions or screaming noise. The carefully selected color palettes, the minimalistic shapes and the modest sound scape create a well-fitting environment for a focused game play.

You can choose from different sized play fields ranging from 4×4 to 7×6. Larger levels are not harder by default. After all, every single grid size has its own settings when it comes to number range and number distribution. What increases though, is the play time. While smaller variants can be finished in a matter of minutes, the larger ones can take a lot of time. You can of course interrupt the game at any time and continue later.

The game can be downloaded for free. It monetizes by means of a permanent banner ad which appears above the game. If you don’t like the ad and want all theme designs, you can use the in-app purchase to remove the ads and unlock all themes. But do not worry, the game is fully playable for free, and two of the eight color themes are already unlocked.

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