Combination & strategy for fans of relaxed games

NumberFusion! is an exciting casual game where you combine multiple tiles of the same value by moving tiles from the five slot preview queue to the play field. Combine as many tiles as you can and build long chains for lots of extra points! NumberFusion known no time pressure, you can play it whenever you want for how long you want. Play times vary from a few minutes on small grids to multiple hours on larger grid.


Your Pace

There are no time limits, play whenever you want, for how long you want and at the pace that you want. Just relax!

Brain Game

Plan your next moves in this brain game as well as possible using the preview queue that shows the next five values.

Relaxed Mood

Enjoy calm and relaxed game sessions with your own music. You won’t get lost in special effects or pixel explosion.


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User Reviews

This game is great, finally an actually relaxing game that requires a brain. Both me and my wife love it!


How could you send me something like this? I am supposed to work, not play all day!


How To Play NumberFusion!

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