Mahjong Solitaire for fans

Mayajong+ is the port of the popular Majong solitaire flash game that had millions of players. Its core, the level generator that has been constantly improved over the years now meets high resolution graphics and tablet sized layouts. We added lots of custom layouts – 60 per theme – aside of the classic mode with its free grid size selection. For fans of the genre.

Tablet Optimized

Mayajong is a game that has be developed exclusivly for tablets. That means it comes with plenty of large levels with up to 168 tiles.

Two Skins

The game comes with two themes, the bright maya inspired Mayajong theme and the dark and mysterious astrology based Astrojong theme.

Relaxed Mood

Enjoy calm and relaxed game sessions with ambient sound tracks. You won’t get lost in special effects or pixel explosion.


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User Reviews

After having played the game for over 100 hours I am still not getting bored. Amazing how a game that has so simple rules provides such long term fun.


I played the web version for over 10 years and was excited when I head that I finally can play the game on my iPad. I currently try to solve all campaign levels on hard difficulty and really enjoy it!


The game really reminds me of my favourite Atari ST game “Match It”. I mostly play the classic mode because I like my Mahjongg with a lot of tile pairs.

A Long Time Fan

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